Norumbega Fraternity Lodge is pleased to note that our Brother Harvey Simons and his wife Lil Simons have each received the Network Director’s I CARE Aware from the Department of Veterans Affairs, in recognition of their ongoing service as volunteers for Masonic Service Association at the VA Hospital in West Roxbury. The award reads, in part, “They greet all coming through the door, provide information as needed and escort Veterans and visitors, wheelchair or walking, to where they need to go. Through their courteous, outgoing, and helpful assistance, their ADVOCACY is on full display to all Veterans, visitors, and staff alike.”

The photo above is from the Facebook page of the Masonic Service Association of North America, and was posted on December 28, 2016, along with this message:

Today I spent a few hours visiting with Lil and Harvey, volunteers for Masonic Service Association, at the West Roxbury Veterans Medical Facility. We passed out gift bags, like the one I’m holding. Mary, of Volunteer Services, is thrilled with their help. The smiles I saw on Veterans’ faces was immeasurable, and the thanks I could give them was inadequate. But the MSA volunteers are there to keep a smile on their face. Good work!