Who We Are

Norumbega Fraternity Lodge is one of the oldest lodges in the jurisdiction with over 150 members. Our lodge is focused on strengthening the brotherhood and fellowship among its members which includes community service and activities for the entire family.

The lodge meets the second Monday of each month from September through January. We welcome new members and look forward to sharing the many benefits of Freemasonry.

Important Dates

Constituted September 3, 1875
Merged October 5, 2001
Fraternity Lodge 1875-1981
Ebenezer Fuller Lodge 1920-1981
Fraternity And Fuller Lodge 1981-2001
Norumbega Lodge 1920-1984
Brookline Lodge 1920-1984
Norumbega & Brookline Lodge 1984-2001

Latest News

Interested in becoming a mason at our lodge? Please feel free to contact us for more information.